How To Format The Hard Drive Easily?

htfthhHaving a computer requires constant maintenance and immediate repair when something is wrong. That is why a hard drive often may need formatting, and it is not necessary to have it formatted by the professional. By following basic steps, everyone can avoid clicking hard drive sound issues or even the classic total system crash.

Since formatting means that the user must install all the programs again, it is important to save the important files before making any further steps. After that, one should choose the “my computer tab” form the start menu, then hit the “computer management” and “disk management” tab. In the next step, the user should maintain the Window on a particular part of a computer screen. After that, it is important to delete the partitions, and there is another tab that can help the user do that.

By clicking on the “unallocated” button, a new partition option will be set. After that comes clicking on the first partition, and after changing the overall size, one must choose the NTFS set up for last partition formatting. In the last step, the formatting process will begin, and when it is finished, the status will show the hard drive is healthy again. Many people tend to neglect important hard drive partition issues, but they typically will not stop until the hard drive problem is solved.

How To Know That The Hard Drive Has Failed?

There are various signs that can tell you that the computer is about to crash, and none of them should be taken for granted. There are clicking hard drive sounds, screen freezes, blue screens, and many others, and they are all connected to hard drive errors in some way.

If a blue screen appears in the middle of an operation, it means that the system is damaged, and the system cannot read all the segments on a hard drive.  In some cases, the computer may have a serious virus, or some dll files may be deleted. When the drive’s partition gets deleted or damaged, the computer shows the message that says the drive is not formatted.

When there are bad sectors on the hard drive, the system keeps freezing, and in some cases, the computer keeps saying that it cannot find the drive at all. There may also be a message that says the operating system is not found, and that happens due to a formatted hard drive or damaged partitions. In the end, the clicking hard drive usually tells us that drive’s platter is damaged, there is a power surge or the chip may be burned. Any of these problems must be taken serious since it is cheaper to repair the damage, than to buy the new computer.

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